A Sparkling Sangiovese

The one you always remember

Sometimes, as a Sommelier, you get to taste a wine that stays in your memory. This happened to me in Düsseldorf. But I almost completely missed this experience.

To early

ProWein, like all wine fairs, is more or less organised chaos. As a visitor, I, at least, want to visit as many exhibitors as possible. The schedule is therefore intense and starts as soon as I arrive. My first stop on the first day is Montemercurio, a winemaker from Montepulciano who has caught my eye.
Catia Zaganella welcomes me with a slightly stressed smile. I am, true to my Swedish habit, a few minutes early. Catia herself has arrived just a few minutes before me (see above on Wine Fair Chaos) so all the wines are not properly chilled yet.
We have a chat while Catia prepares the last thing.
She talks enthusiastically and with clear pride about the vineyard. About its history and the family that runs it. Her vivid descriptions make me want to book the next flight to Montepulciano to see for myself.

Vino Nobile

But it’s not all talk. Naturally, we also try some of the wines.
The dominant grape is, of course, Sangiovese. One wine that stands out against the others is “Messaggero” A Vino Nobile di Montepulciano D.O.C.G..
The aroma is a rich and round bouquet. The flavour is a velvety caress of spices and dark fruits. This is, as said a noble wine that can be enjoyed in solitary majesty. But it can also be an elegant companion to more spicy food.

The Sparkling surprise

Sangiovese, as I mentioned, is the dominant grape. And I must admit, I am very curious about their sparkling wine made from this grape. However, it is not properly chilled yet, and we agree that I will come back later.

Did I mention that ProWein is an organised chaos?
It is almost on the run I manage to stop by Catia on the last day.
But, my friends, it was worth it!
sparkling Sangiovese, 60 (!) months on the lees. 12 months rest in the bottle after disgorgement. The result is an elegant wine, with aromas of apricot and orange. The flavour is soft and elegant, with notes of orange, almond, bread, peach.

To be continued….

I admit I have a weakness for sparkling, bubbly, wines and have tasted my way through more than I care to admit. But this elegant lady stays in my memory and I hope to make her acquaintance again in the not too distant future.

Maria Scharffenberg
Sommelier and Teacher
Also published on eurosommelier.de